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Who are we?

Aloha is the first and only Egyptian e-commerce platform that connects you to millions of customers through a click. Aloha mediates between sellers and customers through a fully digitalized marketplace with unlimited services and facilitations to allow the perfect match between what the sellers have to offer with what the customers need online.

Aloha has integrated a plan that guarantees a smooth, safe, and easy shopping and selling process between both the sellers and the customers creating one of a kind experience satisfying customer needs and allowing the sellers to show their products and trademarks in every possible way.


Creating and developing a fully unique Egyptian online shopping experience that follows innovative methods to cater to customers’ needs through an attractive, safe, fast, and easy process.


Aloha is aiming to become the safest and biggest e-commerce platform for our users and to offer premium quality products catering to all ages at very competitive prices with a single click. We are aiming to rapidly introduce and share our innovative online shopping experience to our customers across the Middle East.