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Return – Refund Policy

Terms and Durations for return requests:

As per our rules in this Return and Refund Policy: 
  • Aloha sellers offer the ability to return the majority of products ordered within the first 14 days from the date of delivery if you change your mind about a product and if it hasn’t been opened except for some products and up to 30 days in this case of a defective in the Items.

  • - We don’t accept any returns, regardless of the stated reason, once the above return period has passed and this doesn’t affect your legal rights against the seller.
Request to return the item has been purchased from Aloha within the Specified duration for the following reasons :                                

What you Can Return it

Returns Reasons

All product categories except:

Categories of products that can’t be returned for hygiene or health reasons. This includes: underwear, Lingerie, jerseys

bridal items and facials, perfumes.

 Hair care; hand, foot, and nail care, earrings and accessories.

Other products such as candles, books, paper masks, and programs.

I Changed my mind

Fashion products (including shoes) only

Perfect, but doesn’t fit me

All product categories except:


-Sports and Fitness

The product stopped working after use

Supermarket Products

All supermarket products cannot be returned.

All product categories


I received the product Broken or defective


All product categories

defective packaging


All product categories

Product received with missing accessories


All product categories except programs (Devices)

The product is used or expired


All product categories

The product appears to be Fake / Unauthentic


All product categories

Wrong product/color/size/model

Pet supplies

The application to enjoy pets is accepted in the case that they are healthy and accompanied by its housing, attachments and accessories

  • - Products must be unused, unworn, and in the same condition you received them with original packaging and seals as-is if applicable.

Note that

  • - Electronic products can’t be returned and in case of a change of opinion if they aren’t closed, sealed and in their original packaging.
  • -However, the product can be returned if it is found to be defective after delivery, or due to reasonable use (according to the manufacturer's instructions for usage) during the return period.
Products that can’t be returned:
  • We don’t accept returns for specific categories of products for health and hygiene reasons - The safety of our customers is our priority.
  • So, some categories may not be returned for health or hygiene reasons, or if they are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly.
  • You can’t get a refund for these product categories because you change your mind .
  • You can only receive a return and refund on these products if, you received a wrong product, or if you received a defective, damaged, or counterfeit item.
  • We don’t accept returns for damaged Products that have been delivered :
  • - After delivery We don’t accept returns for used or worn products, unless the reason for return is related to a defect or damage to the product as a result of reasonable usage .
  • - (According to the manufacturer's instructions for use) during the return period.
  • - Products found to be defective after delivery cannot be returned if they fall into the following categories: Fashion, Sports & Fitness, and Consumer Products.
  • - If a product is covered by a warranty, and is damaged or malfunctions during the warranty period, it will not be covered by this return and refund policy, but by the seller's warranty. Warranty information is displayed by product.
Packaging of returned products:
  • When returning a product for any reason, you must return it in the same condition in which you received it from Aloha, with its original packaging and all tags attached (shoes must be returned in their original packaging, seals on items, including audio or video recordings or
    programs, shouldn’t be removed).
  • Returned products are your responsibility until they reach us, so make sure they are packed correctly and cannot be damaged on the way.
  • Return product packaging must not include any item that is not part of the returned product as originally received from Aloha.

    - You shall delete and remove all personal data relating to you and/or relating to a third party that may be contained in the Product, and unlock any account that may be associated with the Product.
  • Aloha will not be responsible for items wrongly contained in a returned shipment, nor for any data breach resulting from failure to delete personal data contained in the returned product.
Refund policy:
  • If we accept your return, or if you made an advance payment but didn’t receive a product, our goal is to return the purchase price of the product to you within the agreed time Condition.
  • For non-conforming, defective or damaged products, you will also be reimbursed for the full shipping costs of the returned items, once your return has been processed.
  • If the return isn’t due to an error by Aloha or the seller:

    (for example, if you change your mind or the size doesn’t meet your expectations), your refund will not include the shipping amount or charged to you for all products.


Rejected returns and refund requests:

  • All products are inspected upon return to verify the reasons for return provided.
  • If Aloha doesn’t approve your return request, you will not receive a refund of the purchase price or delivery fee, and we will attempt a re-delivery within 7 business days.
  • If both re-delivery attempts are unsuccessful, we will promptly notify you that we will hold the item for an additional 30 days from the date of the first notification.
  • Our notification will include details of the product's location and opening times.
  • If you don’t withdraw the product within the required time, the product will be forfeited.
    will become the property of Aloha and may dispose of it as it sees fit, for example by sale, charitable donation, recycling or any other form.

Exchange Policy:

  • Please note that we don’t exchange, and in case of you want to change the product in a different color or size, you must return the product and then place an order with the required product.


Time for receiving returns:

  • Returns are received within 1-3 working days from the date of submitting the request, not including Friday, Saturday and official holidays.

Quality check and cash out from Aloha account:

  • Within 1-2 working days, not including Friday, Saturday and official holidays.


Return the amount to your account:

  • The time for the amount to be returned to your account after becoming out of aloha access , depending on the payment method.