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    • Privacy Policy

      - Our Website and Mobile APP are providing information about how Aloha collects and processes your personal data.

      2-Data collection
      • - Products and appliances continuously collecting your personal information.
      • -We are allowed to collect all types of personal data.

      - Information that you have provided to us :

      • - We keep up your information, including (your data, identity, contact data, (Delivery address, and financial data) for your purchases .

       Information about using our website or Mobile Application:

      • - We collecting a certain type of information about your use of Aloha, which includes Information about your searches, views, downloads, and purchases.

       Addition information:

      • - Sometimes, we receive information about you as a Third party , including:
        our payment service companies, merchants, trademarks, and advertising service companies.

      3- About using cookies:
      • A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we put on your Device .
      • in case of giving us a permission to allow cookies being a distinct user from others of our site, which allows us to provide you with the best possible browsing experience.


      • - We have to ensure that users able to find the products they are looking for it .
      • - Define your preferences and subscriptions such as:
      • - Language setting .
      • - Items of products.
      • - Items have already done in the cart.
      • -Sending commercial advertising messages suitable for your interests.
      • - The Third-party sets cookies when using Aloha Services, including the usage of search engines.
      • - Measurement service providers, social network analysis .

      4- How your data is used .

      -We use your personal data to develop and improve the products Quality that we offered including:

      • -Register as anew user.
      • - Processing and Shipping your requests.
      • - Aloha Management center.
      • - joining in offers, Competitions and surveys.
      • Recommendations for ads and products.
      • - Complying with legal obligations, including verifying your identity when it necessary.
      • -Detecting any fraud.

      5- How your data is shared.
      • We may need to share your personal data with a third party for the following purposes:
      • -Selling products and services for the following:
      • -Find out what products and services you have already purchased from Aloha.
      • -It may sometimes be required to provide your personal data with these parties .
        • Work with third-party providers service, to perform a certain function on our behalf.

      For example:

      • -Fulfillment of orders, services, and delivery requests.
      • -We transform as we continue to develop our business and also buy or sell other businesses and services.
      • -Customer information may be transferred with other business assets as transactions.
      • -Detecting any fraud or misuse, we disclose account information and other personal data to Other companies and institutions as a protection process against fraud, reduce credit card risks, and comply with the law.

      Please note that:

      • When your personal data is shared with third parties......
      • -The third party is required to agree with the usage of your data in accordance with the terms of the privacy and cookies.
      • -Allowing them only to process your personal data for specific purposes and in accordance with our instructions, and the service providers are not allowed to use your personal data for their own purposes.

      6- International transfer:
      • An international transfer, we may transfer your personal data to the sites of the other country, and please note that, if it is permitted and in accordance with the laws stipulated in your country for your personal data, we will respect all your legal rights and in accordance with the terms of the privacy and cookies.

      7- Data security.
      • -We have to put in appropriate security measures and procedures to prevent your personal data from being lost, used, or even accessed in unauthorized ways by mistake, alteration or disclosure.
      • -In addition, we will determine the ability to access your personal data by employees, agents, contractors and other parties before knowing what their business purposes are.
      • -They will process your personal data only based on our instructions and in the strictest confidence.
      • -Aloha has procedures to deal with any suspected breach of personal data, and we will notify the affected individuals and Third parties, as we are legally obligated to do so.
      8- Legal Rights:
      • -The personal data that we keep about you must be accurate and up-to-date, so please always inform us of any change in your personal data.
      • -In the presence of specific circumstances, you have rights under data protection laws, and that includes both (personal data - access, correction or erasure)
      9- Additional information
      • -If you inquire about your information or your legal rights, please contact us In :